1plus1 Vintage


1plus1 uses a discriminating eye to find fabrics that combine just the right texture, color and pattern for her one-of–a-kind creations. These creations have the perfect combination of informal charm and comfortable elegance. Our vision is to combine romantic vintage fabrics with the functionality of timeless classic designs to encourage every woman to dress and live creatively. Therefore, we offer a wide-range of creations from skirts, handbags, scarves, and hats to home interior accents. 

Owner, Lynda Cox applies her degree in interior design and her deep passion for all things vintage, especially fabrics from the 1950’s to 1plus1 creations. She is constantly scouring estate and yard sales, thrift stores, antique markets, and vintage stores for the perfect fabrics, buttons, and trims to reflect her idea of designs that are fun, unique, and functional.  Her idea of taking discarded treasures and breathing new life into them is the main goal of 1plus1.  Her fascination with home textiles and pretty clothing shines through with every unique piece that she has created. 

Lynda focuses on the fashions that women will be comfortable in by using fun, quality fabrics combined with simple, timeless designs.  Lynda’s true talent stems from her vision of sophisticated charm that is reminiscent of times past.  Wearing 1plus1 designs allows you to express your individuality and show the world that you are an independent and unique woman!