Alhena Bijoux


My name is Justine and I would like to share my story with you about how I found my passion that is now called Alhena.

I worked for 5 years as a management assistant after getting my bachelor diploma in management. However I decided to leave this career behind to follow another passion of mine which is exploring the world to discover different cultures, languages and traditions.

I left alone with my backpack to Australia without speaking a word of English. My first goal was to learn English but this trip opened up a new world to me. 

It was during this long journey that I took several years ago that I attended  a variety of jewelry making courses in India, Indonesia and also afterwards in France, to learn different techniques to create jewelry.  During this trip I discovered my passion is to become a jewelry designer. And so the brand Alhena was born.

I work with beautiful, natural and quality materials that I choose carefully. Over time I have created a trusting and lasting relationship with my suppliers from all around the world, ensuring that everything I use is ethically sourced.

I spend a lot of time making my jewelry because I want every piece to be perfect for the people who buy it.  What I love is that in every piece I create, I can share a little bit of myself. And so this is what makes Alhena so unique.

See you soon!