About Us

Lynda Cox, from Atlanta, Georgia, moved to Antwerp in 2017 and followed her heart straight to LaunchRoom.  LaunchRoom's original concept of promoting local artists remains in place, and continues to grow to this day thanks to good collaboration with both current and new artists and designers.  In addition to the lovely cards, original artworks, prints, and notebooks from local artists, Lynda has expanded LaunchRoom's concept to include sustainable products for your home, custom lampshades and DIY kits to create your own lampshades.

Her motto: Treat yourself and the environment with care!

LaunchRoom's physical shop is currently closed due to Covid.  However, in addition to our webshop, you can find a nice selection of our products at CDKN with Friends Concept Stores in Wijnegem and Antwerp and with Antwerps Talent in Antwerp.